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Paraklesis Counsellor Training Program 

Dr Mervin is available to do in-house training for churches in the Calgary area. The modules can be presented one night a week,  or Saturday mornings, or Sunday afternoon or evenings.

Interested in doing this training in your local church? Please feel free to contact Paraklesis Counselling to explore the possibility of training in your local church.

The Gos-Pill Truth about Prozac and You  

  • Counselling and Medication - before and after Prozac 
  • How do antidepressants work for anxiety and depression?
  • When to take medication and when not, and when can I stop taking the meds?
  • Why compliance is important; dealing with side-effects; and preventing relapse
  • 3-4 hour presentation (2 lectures) one per evening or a Saturday morning

Relationship Enrichment Retreats  

  • Strengthening relationships and enhancing happiness
  • Identifying growth areas (can include the PAIR Tests)
  • Inoculating relationships against "viruses"
  • Improving relationship skills (hand-on exercises)
  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Boundaries for Beginners

  • Defining boundaries and their purpose
  • Importance of having healthy, clear boundaries in a balanced life
  • Don’t let ‘jerks’ (boundary violators) get the best of you
  • Supported by real life experience and spiritually sound principles
  • Forgiveness: the recovery road

Boundaries for Relationships

  • Boundaries for couples dating, cohabiting, engaged, married, or separated
  • Dating: the problem of freedom and responsibility
  • What you can and can’t live with
  • How boundary problems show up in relationships
  • Applying the 10 laws of boundaries to your relationships

Boundaries for Kids

  • Why kids need boundaries
  • How boundaries can empower your kids to develop maturity
  • Understanding your child's personality
  • How boundaries can help your family experience wellbeing
  • Boundaried discipline & the yardsticks of healthy boundaries

The Search for Significance

  • Restoring self-worth and finding significance in Christ
  • Overcoming the performance trap (Justification)
  • Escaping from being an approval addict (Reconciliation)
  • Stop playing the blame game (Propitiation)
  • Overcoming guilt and shame (Forgiveness and Regeneration) 

The Search for Freedom

  • A question of "strongholds" (are they demonic?)
  • Are you looking for a quick-fix (a magical "deliverance") or do you really want the "strongholds" in your life demolished
  • Strongholds grow in power in denial and deflection (the blame game) - contentment
  • Getting rid of bitterness and unforgiveness
  • Freedom and responsibility

Cheating at Solitaire:  Self-Deception

  • What is self-deception & how dangerous is it?
  • Can Christian deceive themselves?; How does moral reasoning go wrong?
  • What is the relationship between self-deception and delusion, and how can self-deception be prevented?
  • Becoming aware of the danger of self-deception and its potential negative influences on mental wellbeing

Christian in a Transitional-Cultural World

  • Re-evaluating Christian living in a multi-cultural-post-modernistic world
  • How post-modern-thought has changed the face of the global-village
  • How the spiritual re-awakening is challenging the dominant western worldview
  • Dealing with cultural transition and change

Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

  • Resilience is the capacity to adapt successfully in the face of threats or disaster
  • Positive growth in spite of trauma; Beyond resillience - post traumatic growth
  • Overcoming what your brain cannot cope with
  • Recovering, bouncing back, and bouncing beyond
  • Resources: Growth comes from coping and ot from trauma

Post-Abortion Stress - Compassionate Care

  • This is NOT a pro-life or pro-choice lecture!
  • This is a compassionate response to the third-survivor of abortion - the mother (and father)
  • Overcoming guilt, false-guilt, and shame
  • Preventing post-abortion-stress from becoming a mental disorder

Young, Sexy, and Cool  (Singleness & Sexuality)

  • An open discussion about sexuality and singleness
  • Understanding sexuality and intimacy 
  • Dealing with guilt and shame
  • Managing sexuality

Community Abundance

  • Congregational care in review - new paradigms
  • Awakening the power of families and neighbourhoods (power grows from creating new connections and relationships)
  • Community - the “commodity” that cannot be bought
  • Lives of abundance and cooperation - Satisfaction that grows from an Abundant Community

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