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Paraklesis Required Textbooks

  • PCCP Recommended Books for Certificate Course
  • Recommended Self-Help Books for counsellees
Paraklesis Counselling Certificate Program - Reading Requirements & Suggestions


Additional books will be recommended in each module, but are not required for purchase. We do recommend that you read as much and as wide as possible on the different subjects (these books will be suggested in the lectures and available in the Paraklesis Amazon Bookstore in the recommended category).

Course Readers

Additional resources and material will be provided in attached Paraklesis Reader’s or in the Study Guide for each module.You are required to read and study the provided articles and resources provided in the Readers of each Module.

Recommended Reading

Throughout the program suggestions will be made and books recommended that you could consider to purchase and read.  

Counselling Certificate Program - Required Textbooks

The required textbooks prescribed for the Paraklesis Certificate Program and used in all the modules are:

  • Collins, G. 2007. Christian Counseling - a Comprehensive Guide (Third Edition). Thomas Nelson.
  • McMinn, M.R. & Campbell, C.D. (2007) Integrative Psychotherapy – toward a Comprehensive Christian Approach. IVP Academic *
  • Meier, Minirth, Wichern & Ratcliff. 2010. Introduction to Psychology and Counseling: Christian Perspectives and Applications. 2nd Ed. Baker  *
  • Tan, S. & Scalise, E.T. 2016. Lay Counseling: Equipping Christians for a Helping Ministry (Revised and Updated). Zondervan. *
  • Tan, Siang-Yang, 2011. Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Christian Perspective. Baker. *

 * These books are Available as e-Books on Kindle (recommended)

Consider getting the e-books on Kindle from Amazon as this will give you immediate download access and will be cheaper.

You are required to purchase a copy of the prescribed textbooks for the Certificate Program.