Couples Pre-Counselling Inventory

Thank you for choosing Paraklesis for your couples counselling. I trust that you will find the couples therapy helpful and effective and that it will equip you to better pursue satisfaction together.

This inventory is presented to you to gather pre-counselling information for your upcoming couples counselling sessions. It will expedite the counselling and help me serve and assist you more effectively. It will also help you to assess your relationship objectively. 

Please note: Both partners must separately complete their own inventory.

Respond to the questions according to the way you have been feeling over the past several weeks/months. Complete each section (seven in all) and question thoughtfully, honestly and as completely as you can.

Please allow enough time to complete this inventory. It is a multi-page form and you will have to complete all the seven sections/pages before submitting the form. Field marked with an " * " (asterisk) are required fields and you will not be able to submit the form without completing those.

All information is provided voluntarily, but you are encouraged to share as much detail as what you are comfortable with. Please provide all the relevant information applicable to your marital/relationship concern.

All information will be confidential (review the Paraklesis Confidentiality & Privacy Policy Online).

With your permission portions of the inventory will be discussed with you and your partner during the couples counselling sessions. Issues, concerns and strengths will be identified and clarified.

Proceed and complete the form below.

Thank you for your cooperation - completing this form is a vital part of your couples counselling journey. 

Dr Mervin van der Spuy

Couples Pre-Counselling Inventory Form

Please first login to your Paraklesis Website account or register on the website (Login/Register Icon top right of screen). Then return and complete the form. Thank You.