Appointment Request

Step 1 - Appointment Request

Submit your appointment request! You will be contacted to set up a convenient appointment date and time. You will receive a Email reminder 72 hours before the session 


Step 2 - Login/Register as a Client

Login to your account, or if not yet registered, please signup - the Login/Register Icon (top right of page) will take you to your "My Account Page"


Step 3 - Informed Consent

Please read the information (to the right of form) and then complete the Indemnity Form. You will be prompted to sign the form digitally before submitting the form. If you are signing-up for f-2-f counselling, you will also be asked to sign a copy in session. For online e-therapy please take note of the Additional Information Concerning Online Therapy at the bottom of the page. 


Step 4 - Pre-Counselling Info

For individual psychotherapy and online counselling, complete and submit the Pre-Counselling Information Form before your first session

For couples counselling, complete and submit the Couples Pre-Counselling Inventory (please note that partners/spouses must separately each complete and submit their own inventory)


Step 5 - Appointment

Keep your appointment as set up with Dr Mervin.

F-2-f Counselling: Arrive a few minutes early at the office and feel free to enjoy coffee/tea while you wait

Online Counselling: Remember to keep time-zones in mind for telephone and Skype sessions. Please supply your Skype name to Dr Mervin by Email.


Step 6 - Payment

Payment for f-2-f counselling can be made at the session (cash, cheque, or credit card)

For e-therapy, payments must be made online (PayPal or Credit Card) before sessions on receiving the invoice from Dr Mervin. 

If  you have any questions about appointments, feel free to contact us.