Course Descriptions & Outcomes

Six Core Paraklesis Modules

Explore the description & outcomes of the core required courses

Eight Paraklesis Electives

Explore the descriptions & outcomes of the Electives
- to complete the certificate you need to select and complete at least four elective courses

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Before looking at the Course Descriptions and Module Outcomes - a word about online e-learning.

In using new E-Learning technology, Paraklesis developed courses (study modules) to engage you the learner, in active participation. While enhancing the learning experience you will be introduced to the counselling theories and learn how to master the counselling skills in a comprehensive variety of subjects.

Making these course available online, enables those who cannot take time off to attend school, to have an equivalent learning experience on their desktop computer or hand-held device.  This is exceptionally well suited for the in-service education of pastors, youth workers, elders, community workers and others invoked in caregiving and counselling. In virtual-class you will meet-up and build relationship with the other student-counsellors, and by sharing in the discussion forum you will be part of the online community. 

If you are not able to partake in full-time study, but desperately need the training or would like further training, the online E-Learning environment provides you the opportunity to study part-time, in your own-time, and when it is convenient for you to do so. 

Today, rapid-authoring tools allow us to create sophisticated training, utilising all types of media. With these tools we can mimic much of what one sees in more expensive custom-built courses without the need for specialised source-code programming. Rapid authoring tools are easy to use and allow for automation of much of the multimedia production process and makes it enjoyable for the learner to participate.

The developed e-learning model used by Paraklesis makes innovative teaching practices available to you through the presentation of the following courses: