Paraklesis Counsellor Training

The Paraklesis Counselling Program is specifically developed for you if you want to equip yourself as a counsellor, caregiver, and helper. If you want to be better prepared for serving as counsellor in your community or church, this training will empower you for your ministry. The training is especially suited for all lay counsellors - pastors, elders, youth workers, community care providers, NGO workers, and anyone who would like to be better equipped.

Professional counsellors (psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapist) often do the program or take specific courses if they are interested in the integration of psychology and theology and a spiritual integrated approach.  

The training is faith based and presented from a Christian perspective, integrating sound counselling-psychology principles. The program is specifically for all lay-counsellors who want to be involved in a caregiving ministry in their church or community. Although it is faith based, it is also a good training program for individuals who want to be community care-givers, serving in a secular environment.

The training will not only enrich you as a person, but it will contribute to your own personal and spiritual growth as a Christian. We also believe that this training program can be used by the Holy Spirit to equip you for the ministry of counselling in the church and your community. In so doing we want to contribute to building up the local church into the full statue of the body of Christ.

If you feel that you need spiritual enrichment, more life-skills, and encouragement to grow to a more mature person - this is the right program for you. The Paraklesis Certificate Training Program will help you discover realities about your own life, about your family of origin, and about your present relationships. It will also give you the tools to have a more spirit-controlled committed life, and overall wellbeing. Those involved in ministry and caring will be equipped to serve well, and to minister more effectively.


Be a Helping Hand!

Counsellor Training is for You ...

  • If you are compassionate about the needs of others
  • If people often seek you out for help
  • If you want to serve as a caregiver/counsellor in your church and/or community
  • If you have a teachable spirit and willing to learn new skills
  • If you are prepared to grow and develop
  • If you are already in a care-giving ministry and need specialised training...


This program is for You!

Certificate Program

The Paraklesis Christian Counselling Certificate Training Program consists of a core curriculum of six modules (semester courses) and four electives (modules for specific ministry areas). 

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Course Lists

Using E-Learning technology and the Moodle platform, online courses engage the learner in active participation (discussion forums, quizzes). Course descriptions & course outcomes ...

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Advanced clinical, theoretical and practical,  training available for counsellors and psychotherapists. Online supervision also available for lay and pastoral counsellors. 

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Paraklesis seminars, workshops, lectures are presented at various venues and at conferences. The "Gos-Pill" Truth about Prozac and You!, Boundaries for Dummies, Couples, & Kids; etc.  

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Personal Growth

Free self-help tools available for personal growth and development. Affordable downloadable Paraklesis Handouts/Exercises available to augment your personal counselling experience.

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