Couples Counselling Intro & Overview

Why choose Dr Mervin as your couples, marriage, family counsellor?

* Experienced Marriage Therapist:
Dr Mervin has more than 20 years of private practice counselling experience with
couples. He’s seen and heard it all (or most of it) - he can come alongside you and help!

* Professionally Equipped
As Professor of Counselling Psychology, he has trained counsellors and taught Marriage and Family Therapy for more than 10 years, and thus staying abreast of best theoretical and counselling practices.

* Contemporary Integrative Approach
Dr Mervin’s bio-psycho-social-spiritual integrative and hope-focused approach enables couples to deal with contemporary relationship and marital issues in an innovative and new way.


Pre-Marital Counselling

… for contemporary couples to help them enhance their relationships, increase happiness, reduce marital conflict, and promote healthy and fulfilling marriages ...


Couples & Marital Counselling

Relationship and Marital Enrichment; Assessment and Restoration of Relationships;  Couples Therapy & Restoring Intimacy; and Separation and Divorce Counselling ...

Family Counselling

… involves a whole family (or several family members) meeting with Dr Mervin for therapy. Can also be single-parent families, blended families, step-families, etc.  ...

Sex Therapy

Method of treatment used with individuals or couples who have sexual problems and concerns. Based on the belief that sexuality is supposed to be a fulfilling and rewarding celebration ...

Couples Pre-Counselling Information Form

Complete and Submit Form before Scheduled Counselling Session

Why Save your Relationship/Marriage?

It makes sense!

With up to 67% of first marriages ending in divorce and most divorces taking place in the first 7 years – putting effort into saving your marriage (or relationship) makes sense!

Unhappy marriages (relationships) can increase your chances of getting sick by up to 38% and could even contribute to shortening your life – happily married people on average live longer!

Unhappy marriages (relationships)  are ... well, just unhappy.

The lack of marital satisfaction effects your whole life – it leads to chronic stress, emotional dysfunction (including depression), physical ailments (high blood pressure & heart disease), etc. It undoubtedly puts wear-and-tear on mind, spirit, and body. Marriage (relationship) breakdown endangers our social structure.

Marriages still provide the best environment for children to grow up in and still are the glue that keeps our social fabric intact.

Divorce takes one problem and creates four – and most often it’s the kids that suffer most.

“If fitness buffs spent just 10 percent of their weekly workout time – say, twenty minutes a day – working on their marriage instead of their bodies, they would get three times the health benefits they derive from climbing the StairMaster!"  (Gottman 1999)



"The primary function of couple's therapy is to provide a protected neutral zone for couples to enter temporarily where their marital relationship can safely and constructively be diagnosed and treated.

(Gilbert and Brock 1988:45)