Psychopharmacology ~ Counselling and Medication ~ The increased use of antidepressants (SSRi’s), tranquillisers and other psycho-pharmaceuticals by counsellees (patients/clients), means that all counsellors and therapists will work with clients who are taking (or should be or should not be taking) psychotropic medications. Pharmacologically informed counselling has therefore become imperative. Clinical Pharmacology is a bridging discipline, integrating the basic science of pharmacology, which seeks to understand the mechanisms of drug action, and the use of drugs in patients. In Clinical Psycho-Pharmacology, the major concerns are psychiatric disorders and the manner in which the science of pharmacology may be applied in the betterment of the patient in treatment and client in counselling. Paraklesis is able to offer pharmacologically informed therapy because of Dr Mervin's unique background as a pharmacist and professor in counselling psychology and his specialisation in teaching psychopharmacology. Let Dr Mervin come alongside you and help you with all your medication related counselling issues while engaging in psychotherapy with you. Differential diagnosing ensures that you are on the right treatment path, that you are taking the right medication at the correct dosage for you, and that there are no complicating interactions between the medications that you are on that could effect your recovery. A comprehensive psychopharmacological report can be submitted to your family physician or psychiatrist. Understanding how the medication works and what it does, increases compliance in taking the medication, improves the chances that you can recover fully and stop the medication, and gives you more ownership of your recovery. Combining psychotherapy with a pharmacological (medication) treatment plan, significantly increases your recovery and dramatically reduces the possibility of a relapse (second or third depressive episode). Psychopharmacological therapy is done from an integrated bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective, integrating theology and psychology. Dr Mervin can come alongside you with all your medication related and spiritual conflict issues. 

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 Dr. Frank J. Ayd Jr.

(died March 2008)

One of the founding fathers of psychopharmacology.

 By studying his patients’ responses to early anti-psychotic and antidepressant drugs he helped give birth to and nurture the  field of psychopharmacology.

"..he recognized the power of anti-psychotic medications, but they cannot replace other forms of care – the drugs are 'not a substitute for compassion'".

(Dr. Frank J. Ayd Jr. TIME Interview 1957)